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About Us


In 1970, Don Sweeney opened up Sweeney’s Sports, at 1601 Lincoln Avenue (its original location, across from Napa High School) which specialized in diving, fishing and camping supplies.

Don was known for his warm personality and would tell every customer that “the pot of coffee was in the back” and to help themselves and to stay for a visit. Don took the time to really get to know all of his customers and customer service became a top priority.



In 1984, Mike Sweeney purchased the business from his father. Mike decided to grow the business with the addition of hunting and fly fishing lines to the existing sport fishing and camping areas. The store remained at the original location until 1997, when Mike moved the store to its current location at 1537 W. Imola Avenue.

Mike was also known for his eagerness to work with his customers and to hear all about their adventures. That pot of coffee was moved to the front of the store, just inside the front door, and all were “welcome to help themselves”.



store-frontIn 2004, Mike sold his business to Kevin and Lynn (Bozzini) Ryan. In keeping with a 34 year old tradition. Kevin and Lynn decided to keep the Sweeney name and the store’s dedication to customer service alive. The pot of coffee is still there in the front of the store today!

Over the past 10 years, Kevin has expanded the business to accommodate the rise in archery interests. Additionally, in 2012, Kevin and Lynn purchased the gun shop inventory, as the neighboring business retired. The store was expanded to incorporate an extensive supply of hand guns, shot guns, rifles, gun safes and accessories.

Kevin was born and raised in Southern California, but moved to Northern California in 1984. After settling in Napa in 1992, getting married and raising their son, Kevin and Lynn are happy to call Napa their home. They feel that it is very important to shop locally and to utilize every opportunity to support the valley. It is equally important to them to give back to the community through local charities and events; especially those organizations that are dear to the business and that benefit local youth groups.

Kevin’s outdoor passion is hunting for deer, elk and antelope in the states of Wyoming, Texas, Nevada and California. Kevin is also an avid fly-fisherman and enjoys spending time on the rivers with his son Sean, and family friends.



SCOTT ALBERDA SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time) (Monday – Wednesday)
Specialties: Archery, Hunting & Sports Fishing

I have a love for the outdoors that runs very deep. This pursuit of time in the outdoors has led me to many different destinations around the world. Saltwater fishing and bowhunting are my primary focuses when I am outdoors. My love for bowhunting has grown more and more over the past 18 years. I grew up fishing our local Napa River and surrounding Lakes. I know get to share this same love of the outdoors with my wife and daughter.

Whether it’s fishing for Halibut in San Fransisco Bay or pursuing Jurassic Sturgeon in the Napa River I absolutely love to fish for the big ones.

Bowhunting has become a way of life for me now days and there is nothing I like more then grabbing my Hoyt Bow and hitting the woods. From the dark timber in September the agricultural corn fed bucks of the Mid West and everything in between. Bowhunting runs deep in my blood.

COREY WING SALES ASSOCIATE (First Wed of Each Month) (Part-Time)
Specialty: Guns

I have enjoyed the outdoors since I was a little boy. Growing up in foothills of the Bridger Mountains in Montana, I was no stranger to skiing, fishing, biking, and shooting. My passion for firearms started at an early age. My father was a Marine, mountain man and enthusiast of the great outdoors. He gave me the passion for hunting and taught me the basics in firearms safety.

I started working at Sweeney’s Guns in 2003. At this time I began my quest for learning the discipline of Combat Handgun, Combat Shotgun, Close Quarters Carbine and Long Distance Silhouette with a focus on Military style field science. I try to enhance my training in firearms employment as often as I can. I have had the fortune of training with some of the finest and respected firearms trainers and operators. I am particular about the firearms I train with. 1911s have a special place in my heart but when it comes to everyday carry, I rely on my Glock.

Specialties: Hunting & Fishing

I am best known by my family and friends as a forager of the California coast and mountain foothills. I love nothing more that discussing all aspects of hunting and fishing. My passion for the outdoors has led me in many directions. My personal philosophy regarding the outdoors is seasonality and sustainability. I only harvest what is in season and was is available to me in sustainable numbers. In addition to bow hunting and fly fishing, I love backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving and mushroom hunting.

SHANE LATREILLE SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time) (Monday – Wednesday)
Specialties: Hunting & Fishing

Specialties: Hunting & Fishing