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Sport Fishing:

Updated March 28,2016

Sturgeon bite has been HOT!!! at Highway 29 Bridge – South. Eel, Ghost Shrimp, Pile Worms and Salmon Roe all taking fish. Striper bite has also been good! Live bait has been working very well. Live bait is also working best for big fish, cut bait for schoolies/keepers. Casting and trolling Rattle Traps, Swim Baits, and P-Line Predators are also taking some nice stripers.
Bass bite is going strong! For pre-spawn action, try drop-shotting Robo Worms, Jigs, Tubes, Spinner Baits, Senkos, Swim Baits, Crank Baits, and LV’s all taking Bass. Trout remains slow to fair. Drifting live Minnows in 5’ to 20’ working best, with trolling scratching out a few fish. Catfishing has been decent on the North End of lake. Try Crawlers, Mackerel or Shad. Crappie reports coming in.
Bass and Crappies fishing has been very good! Bass have moved shallow, so try Senkos in the tulles, or Crawdad Creature Baits. Live Minnows and Crappie Jigs working the best for Crappie! No Trout being reported at this time.

Fly Fishing:

Updated March 28,2016

Fair. Flows – 120 CFS. Water temps – mid 50’s. Water clarity – slight color and clearing.

Putah Creek below Lake Berryessa had been as low as 60 in the last couple weeks but is climbing and currently at 120 cfs. Water is still a little off color but should clear up a couple days after the rain stops. Unfortunately, recent rains have washed silt into the upper portion near the bridge. It will take the higher summer flows to hopefully scour some of that out. For now, fish down lower from access 1 down to 5. For patterns use small midges and Baetis patterns including Tungsten Zebra Midge (black), Mighty Mite Baetis, Hogan’s S & M Nymph (olive), Cravens Juju Baetis and Mercer’s Micro May. It never hurts to give it a try if you are in the Napa Valley and it can bring a welcome reprieve form wine tasting on your Napa vacation.

Guide tip: Throw a San Juan Worm in the mix; it should help fish find it in the off color water.

Fair. Flows – average. Water temps – low 60’s. Water clarity – stained but clearing. Fishing was great right up to that most recent system. Many of the fish reported were in the 6 to 10 lb. range; fish to 15 lbs. were reportedly caught in lower river. That rain turned the river to chocolate. It is beginning to come back into shape. If you simply must fish throw full sinking lines in the 250 to 400 grain range in the cuts. Fish chartreuse or white streamers on sinking lines in moving water. Watch the tide and fish the incoming or outgoing movement.

Guide tip: Find a cuts opening into the ponds way back in the sloughs as some have cleaner water and many have fish in them.

Poor. Water flows – 4,000CFS. Water temps mid 50’s. Water clarity – cloudy.

The Yuba River near Marysville is blown out right now however should fish well as soon. Consider fishing it once flows get around 1,500 cfs. Right now the skwalas would be hatching as well as march browns and some baetis but that will have to wait for a week or so. When it does come back, fish San Juan worms or attractor nymphs along the edges where the water is slower. If march browns are in the mix try throwing the Spotlight March Brown, Parachute March Brown or even fish a March Brown soft hackle. Nymphs such as the Rubber Leg Stone, Micro May, Pheasant Tail would also be good to fish sub surface patterns even after the clarity comes back.

Guide tip: Once things settle down a bit and color clears up skwala dries such as the Double Dutch or Rogue Foam Stone should be in order.

Good to great. Flows – 5,000 cfs Water temps – mid 50’s. Water clarity – slight color.

Fishing right in Redding continues to be good despite dropping flows. Focus on fishing from the Posse grounds to Bonnyview.

Guide tip: Given the current flows and visibility, we suggest using larger dark stone flies, assorted egg colors and even some caddis.

Good. Flows – 1,200 CFS. Water temps- mid 50’s. Clarity – good.

The Upper Sacramento above Redding is fishing well for those in the know. With two weeks since the rain it has dropped from 1,600 at Dog Creek to around 1,200 and local anglers are having success. The key is to not try to wade out in the water as it is still high. Instead fish the edges, behind boulders and in the back eddy’s. Good patterns have been Golden Stones such as the Solitude Stone, Mercers Poxyback Stone, Rubber Legs and march brown imitations such as a Pheasant Tail.

Guide tip: You may want to start checking the water at Dog Creek and more upstream until you are comfortable with the flows and give it a shot.

Good. Flows – 900-1,000 CFS at Boca. Temps – Low 50’s Clarity – surprisingly clear.
The Truckee has been fishing well. Lots of clear cold water and all the spring bugs are around.

Flows continue to hover around 900-1000cfs for the second straight week in a row near Boca and in the canyon. I wouldn’t say this is unusual, but it sure doesn’t happen very often. The drop in flows has been very slow this week and that’s not a bad thing. These are the flows we’ve been waiting five years for!

Now to the fishing…Although the water is high, it’s surprisingly clear and fishing has been good. We’ve been getting into a fair share of good, quality adult fish this past week and all of our spring bugs are around. The go-to’s this week have been baetis, skwala nymphs, worms, march browns and generic dark mayflies under an indicator have been producing fish.

If you’re looking to throw dries, I would throw skwala’s with a baetis emerger as your dropper. This can be a very reliable set up this time of year across the west as our first round of big stoneflies start to hatch. You might also try some march browns, there aren’t a lot around, but enough to give it a shot. If you’re seeing tiny sips and not many bugs, go with a good old midge. It’s hard to beat this time of year.

Guide tip: With the river being as high as it is, try to concentrate on the softer edges and seams. The last thing the fish are doing right now is holding in fast water, wasting energy with cold water temps.

Good to fair. Water is fairly clear on calm days and slightly off color on windy days. Water temps – 46 degrees at 6 ft.

The fishing at Pyramid Lake near Reno Nevada has been jumping from Red Hot to Molasses. One day it has been lights out and the next extremely slow. This is directly tied to weather patterns. As we have reported all season, the fishing here is weather driven. Just before and just after storms on the wind-blown shore has been best. For example, last night (3/22/16) was a full moon with 15 miles an hour winds creating big waves blowing into the west beaches, the fishing was awesome! The “Floater no cator” was dynamite! Today (3/23/16) with little wind bright skies, and no waves, the fishing got real tough. The evening grab was ok. On 3/21/16 Mike Cruz released a 15 1/2 pounder with our guides. It has been a great year for trophy fish for us. Best flies on shooting heads have been the Original Popcorn Beetle, Black buggers, Red/Black Leeches, Pyramid Beach Leach, and Zack’s Pyramid Minnows. On the “Floater no cator”, the best flies are “Bird of Prey” 49ers, Tiger Midges, and Maholo Nymphs.

Overall is poor. Flows – 3,000 CFS. Temps – 53 Degrees. Water clarity – Off color but clearing. With all this water Spring and Summer fishing for shad and striper should be great!

Currently the American above averaged flows but is clearing and dropping like many Northern California waters. USGS reports recent drop back to 3,000 CFS at Fair Oaks as of this report. Things are all but done for Steelhead for the season here in Sacramento. Jordan Romney says “From here on out we are on shad watch. They should be here by April if not sooner.” The larger striper should not be far behind as well. This should be a great season for both Shad and Striper due to improved water flows over the last few years.