About Us


In 1970, Don Sweeney opened up Sweeney’s Sports, at 1601 Lincoln Avenue (its original location, across from Napa High School) which specialized in diving, fishing and camping supplies.



In 1984, Mike Sweeney purchased the business from his father. Mike decided to grow the business with the addition of hunting and fly fishing lines to the existing sport fishing and camping areas. The store remained at the original location until 1997, when Mike moved the store to its current location at 1537 W. Imola Avenue.



store-frontIn 2004, Mike sold his business to Kevin and Lynn (Bozzini) Ryan.

Since 2004, Kevin has expanded the business to accommodate the rise in archery interests. Additionally, in 2012 the store was expanded to incorporate an extensive supply of handguns, shotguns, rifles, gun safes, and accessories.



In 2021 Alex Osenenko, a serial entrepreneur who is as passionate about building businesses as he is about the outdoors purchased the business from Kevin and Lynn. Alex’s background is in technology, digital marketing, digital education, retail, and event management. His goal is to continue serving the community with an expanding product selection while focusing on old-fashioned customer service. “Our team’s passion for service and their product knowledge is second to none” Alex often says. If you’ve ever stepped foot in our store, you already know this from first-hand experience. And yet Alex and team also understand that pure-play brick-and-mortar retail stores will continue to struggle with ever-increasing operational costs and shifting customer demand skewing towards digital channels. Alex’s vision for Sweeney’s Sports is to diversify the business by offering our customers outdoor education, curated experiences, and complete digital shopping experience.

The business success formula Alex relies on is:

Happy employees, make happy customers, who in turn, make happy shareholdersAlex Osenenko

Thank you kindly for your business and continued support. We are always open to feedback and new ideas. Please stop by the shop or email your thoughts to:

General: [email protected]

Gunshop: [email protected]





SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time Sunday-Tuesday)

Specialties: Salt Water Fishing

I am best known by my family and friends as a forager of the California coast and mountain foothills. I love nothing more that discussing all aspects of hunting and fishing. My passion for the outdoors has led me in many directions. My personal philosophy regarding the outdoors is seasonality and sustainability. I only harvest what is in season and was is available to me in sustainable numbers. In addition to bow hunting and fly fishing, I love backpacking, mountain biking, rock climbing, kayaking, skiing, snowboarding, scuba diving and mushroom hunting.



Specialty: Bass Fishing

I have resided in Napa my entire life. In my youth, when I wasn’t playing baseball, football or golf, I could be found on the water fishing with my father and grandfather. As I grew older my passion for fishing grew, into a love for bass fishing. Today, I am an avid tournament angler who has also had much success throughout the years. I travel all over California for these tournaments, but you may frequently find me at my favorite spots, Lake Berryessa, Clear Lake, and even Lake Hennessy. Bass fishing is my passion, so of course I’d love to sit and converse about it!


CONSULTANT (Occasional Weekends: By Appointment Only)

Specialty: Guns

I have enjoyed the outdoors since I was a little boy. Growing up in foothills of the Bridger Mountains in Montana, I was no stranger to skiing, fishing, biking, and shooting. My passion for firearms started at an early age. My father was a Marine, mountain man and enthusiast of the great outdoors. He gave me the passion for hunting and taught me the basics in firearms safety.

I started working at Sweeney’s Guns in 2003. At this time I began my quest for learning the discipline of Combat Handgun, Combat Shotgun, Close Quarters Carbine and Long Distance Silhouette with a focus on Military style field science. I try to enhance my training in firearms employment as often as I can. I have had the fortune of training with some of the finest and respected firearms trainers and operators. I am particular about the firearms I train with. 1911s have a special place in my heart but when it comes to everyday carry, I rely on my Glock.


GUN SHOP MANAGER (Full-Time Tuesday – Saturday)

Specialties: Guns and Hunting

I have lived in Napa my whole life, which has given me the unique opportunity to fish and hunt a very diverse group of local species. I enjoy hunting for deer, pigs and especially ducks! Additionally, I spend a lot of free time fishing. My favorite is either bass fishing, or big game fishing for Tuna. When I am not fishing or hunting, I enjoy shooting sports. I have been working in the Sweeney’s Sports Gun Shop for just over two years, and I have learned a ton of information. When I am out on the range, I practice mostly carbine/pistol and trap shooting. My preference when shooting handguns is Glock and Smith & Wesson. When it comes to trap shooting or duck hunting, I always rely on my Benelli!


SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time Monday, Wednesday & Saturday)

Specialties: Firearms

I was born in Napa, California, but raised in a small town in the Black Hills of South Dakota where hiking, hunting and fishing is the norm. After high school, I worked as a well driller in the Dakotas for a while before joining the U.S. Army, serving in Iraq as CBRN Reconnaissance. After serving my country, I moved back to Napa and now attend Napa Valley College working towards degrees in Business and the Environment. I like to spend most of my free time pursuing my interests such as hiking Colorado’s Pikes Peak, Yosemite, and the hills surrounding Napa with my dog Champ. I enjoy camping and fishing on the lakes and rivers In Northern California. When time permits, I enjoy cruising the waters at Lake Berryessa in my Bayliner swimming, relaxing and fishing with friends!


SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time Tuesday, Thursday & Friday-Sunday)

Specialties: Fly Fishing

Fishing – whatever the species, wherever the location, however the method, I love it all! Compared to others in the same industry, I did not grow up in the woods. I only recently took up fishing during my last year of high school. What has emerged has been an adventure that has fully consumed me. Thanks to a very supportive family and some incredible mentorships, a passion for the outdoors was born. My excitement to learn and to understand has taken me to some incredible places and I feel it is my duty to pass on the passion that was ignited so late in my life. I am currently studying at Napa Valley College, majoring in Environmental Sciences. I value knowledge, but what I cherish most of all is the ability to teach and pass on wisdom. I believe that everyone has something to learn from someone else. Every second Saturday of the month you may see me in the City working with the Golden Gate Angling and Casting Club, where I am working towards my certificate as a fly casting instructor. When I am not in school, or at Sweeney’s Sports, you can find me on the banks of Putah Creek, the coves of Berryessa, or on the edges of the Napa River. Casting lures, trolling spoons or simply targeting anything I can with my fly rod. To me, being outside is a joy. As the shop’s designated “Fly Guy”, I will put all I can into ensuring that you have the tools and resources necessary to be successful in any body of water in California and beyond!

Bill Jabin

SALES ASSOCIATE (Sunday & Monday)

Specialties: Guns, Hunting and Fishing

Born in San Francisco, but raised in the Napa Valley, I was exposed to a large family of hunters and fishermen. Our family outings included local waters on both the Napa River and Putah Creek. Other trips to Davis Lake, the Sacramento Delta, as well as several areas on the Trinity River. Hunting included areas around Napa, Sonoma and El Dorado Counties.

As I got older, we traveled to Eagle Lake and Pyramid Lake. I have also been fortunate enough to make three “bucket list” trips to the Alaskan coast, near the Ketchikan area, where I caught my personal record King Salmon, weighing in at 36.5 pounds!

After completing a 42 year career in law enforcement, it was time to do something different. Three years into retirement, I answered a help wanted ad at Sweeney’s Sports. Having the opportunity to work in a sporting goods environment was a great chance to associate with locals from the hunting, fishing, and shooting areas of our community. It’s a dream job for someone who enjoys the great outdoors!


SALES ASSOCIATE (Part-Time Friday-Sunday)

Specialty: Fly Fishing

Born and raised in Northern California, I was introduced to the art of fly fishing as a young boy on family camping trips to the mountains. I have fond memories of fishing the High Sierras for rainbow and brown trout, with my fly rod in hand. I have since expanded my sights and now pursue both saltwater and freshwater fish with an arsenal of flies. Although, I still hold a soft spot for a size 12 elk hair caddis and skinny pocket water. I’m a huge fan of Sage and Redington rods and when I’m not fishing, I disappear to tie flies. Loaded steelhead flies with lots of marabou and natural fibers are an absolute blast to both tie and fish with and can be “concocted” by using off-the-shelf materials from Sweeney’s Sports!