Events & Happenings

TIMELINE REMINDERS: For details regarding seasons and limits, visit Cal Dept of Fish and Wildlife



Fly Casting Lessons – Every Saturday morning 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. at the store. Gear provided for free!

Fly Tying Class – Final Fly Tying Class of the Year. Thursday, December 20th 6-8 p.m. Bring your own vice, the materials will be provided!  Specialty: Steelhead


Fly Fishing:

Updated December 1, 2018

Within an hour’s drive from our fly shop, there are many fisheries offering dozens of species to target with a fly rod. Be sure to speak with our qualified staff members regarding current conditions, seasonal tackle and additional expertise.

Check tide chart for up-to-date river conditions.
Slow it all down. Water conditions do not get better after heavy rains. Water clarity worsens, and action slows down dramatically. That is not to say that you won’t find a monster out there right now. Bigger flies with rattles are great options! Fish heavier sinking lines (T-11, T14) and work them slowly Longer pauses in between hard aggressive strips. Darker flies in black, purple and blue are classic colors for winter fishing!
No reports until March 1st. Do not target fish in shallow water. The fishery depends on anglers like you!
Flows at Hacienda Bridge ~ 1,100 cfs.

The mouth of the River is open! Fish will be pouring in. However, water is very stained, so wait for clear water above 300 cfs.

Flows below Deer Creek ~ 1,020 cfs.
Great flows for fishing! During breaks in the rain, there is Dry Fly activity. BWO’s will be your best friends! Nymphing with Rubber legs and San Juan’s, although big and bulky, will do the trick. While fishing, continue the drift with a swung presentation at the end. Fish love it!

Fishing Report:

Updated December 1, 2018

The fishing is slowing down. There are not as many Striped Bass in the system anymore. The few that have been around are not biting as frequently. Live bait is the best source for quality fish right now. Trolling and slow rolling swimbaits is a good idea in some of the deeper areas. Sturgeon are moving into the River. Eel, Shrimp, Roe and Shad are all great bait options. Watch out for Crabs! Check your bait frequently.
The Lake has flipped! Reactionary baits are still killing the Bass up here. Swimbaits with underspin mimic the Shad very well. The Jig bite has also been improving. Slow dragging colored Jigs on the bottom has been producing when the fish are not very active. Trout fishing has been improving as well Trolling Speedy Shiners, Rainbow Runners and Kast Masters quickly through the countless bait balls has been resulting in Trout up to 8 pounds! Catfish and Crappie near inlets are always a hit during the rains. Night Crawlers will be the go-to out there!
Very inconsistent fishing going on out here. The same baits and presentations you are using at Lake Berryessa can be used at Lake Hennessey. The Jig fishing out here would be your best bet! Slow crawling with black/blue Jigs with a trailer full of movement is always an option for these Bass. Catfish has not been as good as it has been in recent years. Try using smelly baits and scents to try to get a good Channel Cat!