May 2021 Napa Outdoor Digest

Welcome to our May 2021 digest issue, a regular check-in on everything outdoors. We’re here to give the latest update on what’s happening with hunting, fishing, archery, and the gun shop here in Napa, CA.

Watch our 10-minute video update below to be in the know on everything Outdoor Sports in and around Napa.

In this video we are covering:

  1. Learn to Fly Fish 1-2-3 Program
  2. Bass Fishing Update
  3. Gun Shop News
  4. Archery Update
  5. The latest on Salt Water Fishing
  6. Fly Shop Update

Shop News

Looking to get into Fly Fishing, but don’t know where to start?

Introducing our brand new Learn to Fly Fish 1-2-3 program:

Step 1 – Start with a Free Fly Casting class
Step 2 – Build your skills in our 3-hour Intro-to-Flyfishing course
Step 3 – Level up with our Guided Fly Fishing Experiences

Learn More & Sign Up

Hunting News

With the gorgeous weather, people have been outside shooting bows. Lots of new people are discovering archery lately, and we know a lot of families are shooting together, which is great. The local archery club is doing 3-D shoots and we have new bows from HOYT, PSE, and BOWTECH. Stop by Mon-Fri and speak with either Scott or Chad, we’ll help you get started or upgrade your equipment.

Gun Shop News

Need help selling your firearm?

Did you know we do gun consignments?

If you find yourself with firearms you’d like to sell, we are happy to help. Firearms demand continues to be high. It is a great time to get the best price for your “extras”.  Here is how it works.

Step 1 – Call us to set up an appointment: 707-255-5544
Step 2 – Our team will appraise your firearm(s) Free of charge
Step 3 – We’ll guide you through the consignment form
Step 4 – Collect Payment once your firearm(s) sells
Step 5 – Smile and repeat

We are constantly updating our inventory, so if you haven’t visited us in a while, watch the video for the update. Or better yet, come in and say “hello”.

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room, ammo, it’s still up in the air when we get our shipments so hang tight. The best way to stay notified about our ammo supply is to keep an eye out for these emails. We will send out an email and let you know as soon as it comes in. Just to get the basics out of the way, we are out of 12ga, 20ga, any caliber you can get for ARs or AKs, most hunting rifle calibers, and all handgun calibers except .454 Casull and 480 Ruger. Despite the ammo shortages, we do have some new and exciting things in the gun shop including rifles, shotguns, and accessories.

We’ve started to get a better supply of rifles, however, caliber selection is limited. Recently we got in a Savage 110 Precision in .308WIN and a 110 Ultralite in 6.5mm Creedmoor, Browning X-Bolt Pro in 6.5mm Creedmoor, and X-Bolt Stalker Long Range in 7mm REM MAG, and Kimber hunter in .270WIN. We know that ammo for those guns is hard to come by so we will soon be getting in some of the more specialized calibers. These calibers include,  .270WSM, 7mm WSM, and .25-06.

Shotguns have started to pick up as well, before I get your hopes up, even though Remington has started to produce 870’s again, we won’t see them in the shop for quite a while. However, we still have a great selection of home defense shotguns in 12 and 20 GA . For hunting, we have a nice selection of Beretta A400s, the new Browning Maxus II, and several over-unders for duck, upland, and target shooting.

The handgun situation is still pretty dire, companies like Glock, Sig Sauer, Kimber, and all other 1911 brands continue to be difficult to procure. Just like the ammo, when we get some we will post an update. For polymer guns, we have Springfield XD’s and Smith & Wesson Shields in 9MM and .40S&W. As for the new handguns we’ve recently received a small shipment of Glock 26’s. For those not familiar with Glock 26, it’s a sub-compact 9mm. Stop by the shop and check it out. 

We’ve gotten in some sweet range gear, like Blast Cloud powder targets as a great CA alternative to tannerite without any combustion. We also have Leupold hats and Leupold polarized sunglasses with a ballistic rating perfect for the range. In the next few weeks expect to see some AR parts from Magpul and Juggernaut Tactical, as well as a new CCW holster selection from Black Point.

Fishing News

In this video, Luke is sharing his championship-level bass secrets.

Fly Fishing Class

Ready to learn how to Fly Fish?


Fly Fishing Classes and Guided Experiences are once again being offered at Sweeney’s Sports Store. We have put together a 3 step program to help you learn the theory, technique, and experience Fly Fishing with one of our premier Napa Fly Fishing guides.

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