April 2021 Napa Outdoor Digest

Welcome to our first episode of Napa Outdoor Digest, which will be a regular check-in on everything outdoors. We’re here as your local outdoor experts to give you a solid update on what’s happening with hunting, fishing, archery, and the gun shop here in Napa.

Shop News

Fly Fishing Classes are back!

Allow us to share our passion with you. Fly Fishing Classes are once again being offered at Sweeney’s Sports Store. Please see below for details.

Click here to learn more and register.

Have you met our new owner?

Alex Osenenko is an entrepreneur who has been building and running businesses for the last 20 years. He comes from a family of entrepreneurs, dating all the way back to his great grandfather in Belarus in the 1900s, who started a transportation business as a distributor. He’d move merchandise from one town to another 200 miles away. It was a decent route and he worked with horses and carriages. Then, Alex’s great-grandfather had the good sense to buy two trucks in 1920.

That was cutting-edge technology, and it got the attention of the Soviets, who quickly repossessed the machines to be used in the war effort. He escaped with his life raising a son – Alex’s grandfather, who was also an entrepreneur and did roofing work to support his family in tight economic times.

Alex’s father runs a store in San Ramon and now Alex has a store – Sweeney’s Sports, which has a strong reputation, a talented team, and 50 successful years of business in Napa.

Come over to the store and say hello to Alex. He’s passionate about his work here and can usually be found in the shop 7 days a week.

Hunting News

Chad Hole is our general manager and he wants you to know that we’re well-prepared for the upcoming turkey season. Right now, it’s all hog hunting but at the end of the month, we’ll be out looking for birds.

At Sweeney’s we’re stocked with decoys and calls. If you need help as a beginning turkey hunter, we want to talk to you. We’ll get you set up for the season.

With the gorgeous weather, people have been outside shooting bows. Lots of new people are discovering archery lately, and we know a lot of families are shooting together, which is great. The local archery club is doing 3-D shoots and we have new bows from HOYT, PSE, and BOWTECH. Stop by Mon-Fri and speak with either Scott or Chad, we’ll help you get started or upgrade your equipment.

Gun Shop News

Shane Latreille is our gun shop manager, and he’s here to remind all of us that there’s still a national crisis involving gun shortages and especially ammo shortages. This has been going on since 2020, and we’re doing our best to get new product in for our customers.

Lately, we’ve been stocking up for deer and duck season.  We’ve got CHRISTENSEN ARMS, TIKKA, and Kimber products on order and we’re also working with some smaller brands we’ve carried in the past.

Get your orders in early. Lead times are months out instead of weeks, and we want to help you prepare.

Some new things you’ll find in the store include guns from Typhoon Defense. They’re a Turkish brand out of Kansas City, and we’re expecting to carry their AR-style 12 gauge shotguns. We’re also going to get back to the California-compliant AR-15 models and we’ll carry more AR accessories.

The shortage of ammunition is still pretty serious. We’re doing our best to get 9mm ammo as well as 40 and 45 range ammo. The best thing you can do is get on our email list so we can keep you up to date with what we have and what’s coming.

We are investing a lot into getting the product on our shelves and expanding our invetory. If you haven’t been in lately, stop by and chat with one of our gun experts.

Fishing News

We need more water, but the weather has been great for fishing and the river has striper and sturgeon. Trout, salmon, and bass bites have been strong as well. In the store, we’re expanding our bait selection, particularly live bait. We have shrimp and pile worm as well as blood worm for river fishing from Thursday to Sunday, and we’re also expanding our minnow tanks so we can have minnow all week long.

The supply chain is still difficult, and we are doing our best to keep our shelves and pegs full. We’ve been ordering like crazy so if there’s something you want, let us know.

What You Need to Know

As we expand what we offer our customers, we recognize that we have tremendous expertise in the store. The crew is amazing. When you walk in, there’s a hello and a smile, and someone willing to help. Each team member is getting the autonomy they need to effectively run their departments.

This is exciting because their passion really comes through when you’re working with them.

We’re still keeping our prices fair and competitive, and we’ve just rolled out a rewards program. Like most rewards programs, it’s based on points. Give us your name and email when you shop here and you’ll get $5 off anything in the store for every 250 points you earn.

Our vision is to do more education. We want to share our skill sets whether it’s shooting bows, fly casting, or handling guns safely.

There’s a lot of exciting things going on here. Sweeney’s isn’t changing. We’re expanding.

In addition to delivering great products, we’re also going to add education and experiences.

Find out more! Stop by and say hello.

Fly Fishing Class

Build a foundation within fly fishing by understanding rigging techniques, rod set up and knot tying. How to set yourself up for a successful day out on the water. Whether it’s on your own or with a guide. We will teach you the terms needed to understand the many pieces to this puzzle we call fly fishing.